Which of the following is religious law?
A. Shariya
B. Halakha
C. Canon Law
D. All of these

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Hint: Religion is said to the governing life principles, behavior, and attitudes of the people in society. In every society, whether western society or Indian society, religion exists. People follow their religion collectively or individually in society. To apply these principles of religion, religious laws have been made to define a religion’s intensity and morale.

Complete answer:
Religious laws comprise a set of rules, code of conduct, and commandments for their followers. These religious laws tell people what to believe, how to behave, and other life principles. They direct their followers to lead their life. For example- Shariya for Muslims, Halakha for Jews, Canon Law for Christians, and the Hindu law for the Hindus. Some countries allow religious law as the state law like- Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Iraq, etc. while some other countries do not follow any particular religion. They are secular in nature. For example- India, the USA. They are secular in nature.
So, the correct answer is Option D.

Note: Religious laws are different from legal law in a country. As the legal authority (legislature) makes the legal laws, while some religious people make the religious laws called Qazi, Priest, Father (Christianity) according to the available religious scriptures, manuscripts, and other sources. Some religious laws are liberal in nature while some are orthodox. They tend to establish their religious power in society. However, with the development of secularity, tolerance, and globalization, people have become tolerant, and secular in nature.