Which of the following is a criteria to classify the drugs?
A. Chemical structure
B. Molecular targets
C. Drug action
D. All of these

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Hint- In order to deal with this question first we will elaborate the term drug then we will proceed further by classifying the drugs and briefly discuss each classified term to get the required answer.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Any chemically engineered material which is often used in humans or animals to heal, treat, avoid or diagnose any illness is known as medicines. If a chemical agent encourages physical and emotional well-being, it may be graded as a drug or a medicinal agent as well. By fact, they change the physiology of the body of the host.
Chemically synthesized drugs also possess a low molecular mass and low atomic mass. Drugs reach the body when ingested, and communicate with macromolecules, producing some sort of biological reaction. If this reaction is positive, desirable and useful then these chemicals are known as medicinal goods.
Let us now understand the classification of drugs.

Based on Pharmacological effects:
Pharmacology is the field of research that focuses on researching medicines in the human body and their responses. A medication produces a pharmacological influence, that is to say the effects on the human body of a medication. This influence restores what is harmful to the body and has a strong biochemical reaction.

Based on Drug Action:
This distinction is based on what biological pathway the targets of the drug in the body are.

Based on Chemical Structure:
Drugs with a similar molecular composition are known to have the same pharmacological effects, and similar drug behavior. We are given different abilities by the small difference of their architectures. Yet their essential structural structure remains the same. And there is just another way for us to identify a drug.

Based on Molecular Targets:
This distinction is based on how the drugs interact with the macromolecule. The drug targets may be sugars, lipids, enzymes, nucleic acids or some other biomolecule of this type.
Hence, all of the given options namely chemical structure, molecular targets and drug action are the criteria for classification of drugs.

So, the correct answer is option D.

Note- Another essential thing to note is that medications are considered toxic in massive doses. They can produce toxic body reactions and cause extreme damage, including death. Many drugs, too, can be addictive and drive us to develop bad habits. And there are other substances that are so dangerous, that most cultures find illegal.
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