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Which color code is used for live wire?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Generally to indicate danger, red color is used. Red color is used in many applications like in traffic lights and for indicating brakes in vehicles. In electrical systems current can be very lethal for anyone as the amount of voltage is high. So to avoid any accidents it is better to indicate it earlier.

Complete step by step answer: Red color code is used for live wires whereas green for ground and black for neutral. The supply at home is around 220V. Since the voltage in poles and at home is very high due to which accidents or faults can happen. So to avoid them every terminal wires are given a suitable color code so as to distinguish between them. Red color generally denotes danger and live wire is quite danger. For house connections there are three terminals namely live, ground and neutral.

Live wire is used for the voltage supply, the ground terminal connects with the negative terminal which is grounded into earth. And the neutral wire checks for any leakage of current which avoids any short circuit. The color is actually the insulating coating on the wires. These colors are given to avoid the confusion between the wires. Also it helps electricians when electrical connections are done in homes.
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Note: Now there are many types of wires available in the market and every wire has different insulation color code. In these types of wires any wire can be used as live or ground. So one can set any color according to them. To distinguish between them we can use electrical gadgets to determine the terminal or one can distinguish through the source of connection.