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What is the structure of a photon?

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint :We know that the photons are gauge bosons massless do not interact with the Higgs field if you use a detector they can be visualized as the product of interactions between the EM field and the field making up particles of the detector

Complete Step By Step Answer:
It is not possible to outline structure of a gauge boson however additionally photons may be seen to own a kind of structure. Physicists understood that it's uphill to analyze the inner structure of a particle as a result of there's no "probe" to try and do a measurement.
Since the invention of quantum physics, physicists have understood that it's uphill to analyze the inner structure of a particle. This means that we've got to treat the particles as purpose objects while not an interior structure. Unless we alter the outline of the word with a more modern theory that for the instant doesn't exist.
Photons area unit complicated as they're lightweight quanta. They behave like each wave and like particles. Maxwell's equations describe lightweight as alternating force fields and an alternating field traveling at the speed of sunshine. Einstein showed that the gauge boson incorporates a particle nature. A gauge boson has no mass however it has energy and momentum. Because it has no mass it should travel at the speed of sunshine.
Electrons are thought of to be purpose particles with no size. A gauge boson does not behave sort of like a purpose particle. They behave as if they need a size associated with the wavelength. An honest example of this can be the mesh reflector. A kitchen appliance door incorporates a metal mesh that prevents microwaves from escaping however permits lightweight through in order that you'll be able to watch the cookery method. This suggests that the microwave photons are too huge to tolerate the mesh and area unit mirrored. Having a size implies having a structure. String theories describe photons as moving strings in \[10\] or \[11\] dimensional reference systems. Our understanding of how things work is incomplete. New physics is needed to unify quantum physics and gravity into a Theory of Everything. Such a theory would offer higher insight into the character of particles together with the gauge boson.

Note :
Keep in mind that quantum physics describes electrical and magnetic fields as being caused by the exchange of virtual photons. Therefore there's a powerful affiliation between photons and electrical and magnetic fields. Photons move powerfully with charged particles. Alternative particles like electrons can also behave like each particle and waves.