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What is NTP?

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: There are some conditions specified when a reaction takes place but if the conditions are not mentioned then we assume some normal conditions of temperature and pressure which are studied under NTP and STP.

Complete answer:
When a reaction takes place there are some specific conditions mentioned like the value of temperature, the value of pressure, volume, some external forces, etc. So, to specify some conditions in an easier way there are some systems used, like STP, NTP, etc.
So, NTP is a system that is used to Therefore, the full form of NTP is normal temperature and pressure conditions. The temperature in NTP is taken as 298 K or ${{25}^{\circ }}C$ and the value of pressure in NTP is taken as 1 atm.
Hence when the question mentions that the reaction or system is in NTP conditions then these values are taken and with these, we can find the value of other properties like volume.

Additional information:
There is another system called STP. This is also used to specify the value of temperature and pressure of the reaction or system. The full form of STP is Standard temperature and pressure. The temperature in STP is taken as 273 K or ${{0}^{\circ }}C$ and the value of pressure in STP is taken as 1 bar.

The value 1 atm pressure is equal to 1.01325 bar whereas 1 bar pressure is equal to 0.987 atm. Also, 1 atm pressure is equal to 760 mm Hg. There is a relation between the different units of temperature as when the temperature is given in degrees Celsius then we have to add 273 to get the temperature in Kelvin.