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Vinegar contains
 ${\text{A}}{\text{. }}$10% to 20% acetic acid
 ${\text{B}}{\text{. }}$10% acetic acid
 ${\text{C}}{\text{. }}$6 % to 10% acetic acid
 ${\text{D}}{\text{. }}$100% acetic acid

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Hint: To answer this question first we have to have brief knowledge of vinegar and also good knowledge of acetic acid then we can answer about its composition and then we will be able to select any option.

Complete answer:
It is generally defined as aqueous solution of acetic acid and some trace chemicals. Here trace chemicals add some flavor.
Vinegar is being used historically with a wide variety in domestic and industrial places.
We know vinegar is used for cleaning and white distilled vinegar is best for cleaning because it doesn’t contain a coloring agent.
It generally contains 5-8% acetic acid by volume or somewhere you can see 6 – 10% acetic acid by volume.
We should also have brief knowledge of acetic acid.
Acetic acid $\left( {{\text{C}}{{\text{H}}_3}{\text{COOH}}} \right)$
Acetic acid is also called ethanoic acid. It is a colourless liquid organic compound.
It is the main component of vinegar. It has many industrial uses like making plastic soft drink bottles, photographic film etc.
It is highly corrosive to skin and eyes so it should be handled carefully.

According to information given above we can easily answer this question and hence according to data Option C is the correct option.

Note: Whenever we get this type of question the key concept of solving is we have to have knowledge of everything used in the question and option. And we should know when acetic acid is undiluted it is sometimes called glacial acetic acid. Acetic acid is produced by bacteria.