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Last updated date: 04th Dec 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

The petroleum product used as fuel for stove, lamps and jet aircrafts?
(A) Kerosene
(B) Charcoal
(C) Methane
(D) Petrol

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Hint : Petroleum products are complex products obtained from crude oil. Petroleum fuels are fossil fuel and are limited in nature. Jet aircraft require more power and less weighted fuel. While in stoves and lamps highly flammable fuels cannot be used for safety reasons.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
Kerosene is used in a stove as it is less harmful and safe for cooking. The stove does not use kerosene as a direct fuel , it vaporizes the fuel and then ignites the vapor to produce heat. Using kerosene is safer and cheaper than using any other solid fuel for cooking. Similarly kerosene is also used in lamps as it is safe and efficient while lamps are made using wick which is immersed in kerosene and helps in ignition. In aircrafts RP-1 fuel is used which is extracted from kerosene. RP-1(kerosene) gives four times more power on combustion, which helps in reduction of fuel usage and is cost efficient.RP-1 is lighter than liquid hydrogen making the aircraft lighter and efficient. Kerosene absorbs moisture in the atmosphere and helps in burning for a longer period of time. When kerosene freezes it forms crystals. The flash point of kerosene is $ 100 $ $ ^\circ $ to $ 150 $ $ ^\circ $ $ F $ . It has low viscosity , while petrol has high viscosity it can clog the engine where as kerosene will remain in liquid form due to low viscosity and hence petrol cannot be used as aircraft fuel
Option (A) kerosene .

Note :
Fractional distillation of petrol gives two main products LPG and kerosene which are later used for various purposes. Kerosene is used in furnaces and other heating purposes. While LPG is used in cars and for other combustion purposes.