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What will be the definition of 1 Newton?

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Hint: A newton (N) is a metric unit of force and it was named after Sir Isaac Newton.

Complete step-by-step answer:

Now as we know newton is the S.I unit of force and it is also an international unit of measure for force.

And, the amount of force acting on a body when the earth pulls a mass of 100g (precisely 98.1 g) is equal to one newton(N) or when a body of mass 1 kg is moving with a uniform acceleration of 1\[m/{\sec ^2}\] the force possessed by it is called 1 newton.

And in most common words it is described as,
1 newton is one-kilogram meter per second squared.

So, 1 Newton = \[1kg\dfrac{m}{{{{\sec }^2}}}\]

Note: As newton is the S.I unit of force, and we know that force is mass divided by the acceleration. So, if we want to change the unit of force from newton to in terms of kilograms, meters and seconds. Then we put mass is equal to 1 kg and acceleration is equal to 1\[m/{\sec ^2}\], to get the unit of force in terms of kilograms, metres and seconds.