Stool of a person containing whitish grey colour is due to malfunction of ---- organ.
A. Pancreas
B. Spleen
C. Kidney
D. Liver

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When the proper amount of bile is not released from the organ, it ends up giving the stool whitish grey or pale colour.

Complete answer:
Stool is seen pale or whitish grey in colour due to the malfunctioning of Liver which is also called as Pale Stools. The stools become pale or whitish grey in colour when the liver does not produce enough bile which happens when the bile is blocked and it doesn't get released from the liver, it ends up in pale stools.
Pale stools are sometimes caused by pancreatic cancer which doesn't let the liver to secrete enough bile as it blocks the bile duct due to which stool loses its brown colour and starts appearing as pale. Pancreas, Spleen or Kidney does not release bile and the whitish grey is only because of the less amount of bile hence these cannot be the correct options for the asked question.

Thus, the correct answer is option D. i.e., Liver.

Additional Information:
Stools that are unusual in colour are due to diarrheal, intestinal, pancreatic or liver diseases. Due to the presence of bilirubin in the bile is generally responsible for the colour of stool. The concentration of bilirubin varies the colour of stool from yellow to dark brown and if there's any change in the chemical structure of bilirubin then it causes the stool to change the colour into green or yellow.

Note: The brownish colour of the stool is because of the bile salts from the liver and when the liver stops releasing enough bile due to some reasons then stool loses its real colour and starts becoming pale or whitish grey in colour.