What social ideas did Mumtaz Ali support?

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Hint: In the 20th century many Indian social reformers such as Vidyasagar in Calcutta and others in Bombay set up schools for girls. The same Idea was also supported by Mumtaz Ali and spread it in the Muslim community.

Complete answer: In the 19th and 20th-century people feared that schools would corrupt girls and influence them. So most of the education of girls was done in their homes either by their parents or themselves. The same system followed in the aristocratic Muslim households. Women learnt to read the Quran in Arabic and were taught by women who came to their home. Social reformer, Mumtaz Ali reinterpreted aces and emphasis for women's education. During the same time, people start writing Urdu novels based on encouraging women to read about religion and domestic management in a language they could understand. From the early 20th century Muslim women like begums of Bhopal promoted women education and set up primary schools for girls at Aligarh. Another woman, Begum Rokeya started schools for Muslim women and girls in Patna and Calcutta.

Note: By the time of 1880 many Indian women began to enter universities and became doctors and teachers. Many start writing and publish their critical views on the place of women in society. Many women also founded women associations and formed pressure groups and pushed for government laws on the right to vote.