India’s first jute mill was established in 1854 in ____________.
A. Kapurthala
B. Bihar
C. Rishra
D. Nikodar

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Hint :Jute is called the Golden fire as it is a natural fiber with a golden and silky shine.
The jute is extracted from the bark of the white jute plant. In the amount produced and variety of uses, jute is one of the most inexpensive natural fibers . Jute fibers consist mainly of cellulose and lignin, which are plant materials.

Complete answer :
India’s first jute mill was established in 1854 in Rishra, Kolkata. Three fourth of the jute producing areas went to Bangladesh after the partition in 1947.
The jute mill is located in Kolkata, as the neighboring places of Kolkata had the raw materials required for the production of jute. This city was ideal as it has an adequate labor supply, ample coal for power, and the best place for shipping to world markets.The 950 operating looms of five mills were established by the end of the year 1869. Around the Indian subcontinent is the center for the trading of jute. Jute fiber is obtained from the stem of the jute plants, and it is referred to as Golden fibre due to its color.
Jute is the most vital vegetable fibre in consumption, usage, production, and availability after cotton.

Thus, option (C) Rishra is the correct answer.

Note :
George Acland from Dundee was the one who brought jute spinning machinery, and after four years of set up that is in the year 1859, the very first power drive jute mill was set up.
The jute mill was set up on the riverbank of Hooghly in Kolkata.