When was the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party founded?
A. 1898
B. 1889
C. 1887
D. 1801

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Hint: All political parties illegal in Russia before 1914. The Russian social-democratic worker’s party was founded by a socialist who approve Marxist ideas. However because of government policing it had to operate on illegal organisations. It set up organising strikes, newspapers and mobilized workers.

Complete answer: The Russian social-democratic workers party was founded in 1898. Some Russian socialist felt that the custom of dividing land periodically in Russian peasants made them natural socialists. So peasants, not workers would be the main source of the revolution and Russia could become socialist more quickly than any other country. Socialist were active in the countryside throughout the late 19th century. It was the ancestral party of the communist party of the Soviet Union. The party struggled for peasants rights and demanded that land be transferred from nobles to peasants. Lenin felt that there was a huge differentiation in peasants were not one United group because some belonged to rich classes while were poor, some work as laborers while others as capitalists. Thus with this differentiation not be a part of socialist movement.
-In 1801 Alexander 1 was the emperor of Russia. He was and climbed to word romanticism and religious mysticism.
-Similarly Alexander III ruled as the emperor of Russia from the period of 1881 to 1894.
Therefore the correct answer is option-A.

Note: The Russian social democratic labour party was later split into Mensheviks and bolsheviks with the bolshevik eventually becoming the communist party of the Soviet Union. The Mensheviks emerged in 1912 and later split into different parties at different parties. Similarly, the bolshevik also split into different parties.