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Power alcohol is:
(A) absolute alcohol : petrol (20:80)
(B) absolute alcohol : petrol (80:20)
(C) rectified spirit : benzene (20:80)
(D) rectified spirit : benzene (80:20)

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Hint: Power alcohol is the fuel when ethyl alcohol is used in an internal combustion engine. Along with ethanol; methanol, propanol and butanol are used as fuels for internal combustion engines. This is possible as they can be synthesised easily and have necessary characteristics needed.

Complete answer:
Let us study power alcohol in detail-
The power alcohol is the mixture of absolute alcohol and petrol. The absolute alcohol is the mixture of ethyl alcohol with small amounts of water along with it.
The ethyl alcohol manufacture is cheap and is done by the fermentation of molasses, starch and carbohydrates on a large scale. Additionally, it can also be obtained from synthesis gas $\left( CO,{{H}_{2}} \right)$ as well.
The use of ethyl alcohol in petrol has reduced the dependence of human beings on petrol, alone. Further it is a boost to manufacturers who produce ethyl alcohol and to the farmers as they get better price to their grain produce.
Thus, power alcohol used for the transportation of vehicles has come up with so many advantages for living beings. In detail, it is a mixture of \[80\%\] of petrol and \[20\%\] of absolute alcohol.

Therefore option (A) is correct.

The ethyl alcohol used in the power alcohol contains \[95.5\%\] alcohol and \[4.5\%\] water; that’s why it is called absolute alcohol. Also, power alcohol contains \[80\%\] petrol, \[20\%\] ethanol; as stated above along with small amounts of benzene.