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Pinus seed is

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: In the Pinus genus, a pine is a conifer. It belongs to the family Pinaceae. As we have seen many times, pine trees it has \[126\] species accepted in the royal botanical gardens, Kew and Missouri Botanical Garden. It has \[35\] species which are yet to be unresolved or unnamed. Pine wood from pine trees may also be referred to. Pine is one of the more extensively used types of wood used as lumber.

Complete Explanation:
The seeds of pine are found inside the cone on the upper surfaces of the cone scales. Open cones have dropped their seed; The mature seed in Pinus is composed of hard Testa, thin tegmen, endosperm, embryo and cap-like perisperm. The embryo consists of a short axis with \[10\] cotyledons. Therefore, Pinus seeds have poly cotyledons.
As we know, pine trees reproduce by producing seeds. Unlike other deciduous trees which reproduce seeds that are surrounded by fruit, pine seeds are located on scales of structures called cones. Known as pine cones. Pine trees possess both male and female reproductive structures or cones.
Female cones on maturity have two seeds on each fertile scale. As cones hold the seeds inside. The seeds are mostly small and winged and are anemophilous that is wind dispersed, but some are larger than usual and have only a vestigial wing, and bird dispersed. Female cones are woody and sometimes are armed to protect developing seeds from outsiders.
At maturity, female cones usually release the seeds. In some of the bird-dispersed species, for example white bark pine the seeds are only released by the bird breaking the cones by its beak and opening it. In other seeds the cones remain closed for days and years and years until some environmental cue triggers the cones to open releasing the seeds. This is called Serotines.

Pines have many economic and cultural uses as- in Lumber and construction like pines are used and valued for timber and wood pulp extraction throughout the world. Also pine wood has high value in carpentry items, furniture and the resins of some species are used in making turpentine. Many pines are used in ornament purposes like in Christmas trees decorations. Also, as food, pine needles serve as food for Lepidoptera. Some species of pine have large seeds called pine nuts that are harvested and cultivated for cooking and baking purposes. Also, pines are used as medicines in countries like china.