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Phyllotaxy is
A) Mode of leaf arrangement on stem
B) Types of roots
C) Arrangement of sepals and petals in a flower
D) Type of ovary

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Hint: The term phyllotaxy was coined by Charles Bonnet to describe patterns in plants. It has been used as an inspiration for several architectural designs.

Complete Answer:
To solve this question, we must know about the types of arrangements in plants.
For identification of trees and shrubs, colour, shape, specific type, size and arrangement of all the parts of the plant are very important. This clue can properly help in identifying the species.

1) Arrangement of Sepals and petals in flowers- The arrangement of sepals and petals in flowers is called aestivation. It helps in identification of species of plants. Different species belonging to different families have different aestivation.
2) Types of root- There are two types of root- Tap root and fibrous root. This helps in identification of monocot or dicot plants.
3) Types of ovary- According to the type of ovary, plants can be hypogynous or epigynous.
4) Mode of arrangement of leaves is known as Phyllotaxy. Phyllon means leaf and taxy means arrangement. So the arrangement of leaves on a stem is called phyllotaxy. It is one of the important markers for the identification of species of plants. Types of leaf arrangement are opposite, alternate or spiral, whorled.

Thus the correct answer is (A) Phyllotaxy is a mode of arrangement of leaves on stem.

Note: The leaves arise from the nodes in the stem. It is the unique feature for all the plants belonging to a family. The type of phyllotaxy helps to determine a particular species.