Parbhani Kranti, a variety of bhindi (ladyfinger) is resistant to
(a)Bacterial blight
(b)Yellow mosaic virus
(c)Black rot
(d)Leaf curl

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Hint Parbhani Kranti is a variety of bhindi which is produced by mutational breeding and from the back cross of two flowering plants which are Abelmoschus esculentus and Abelmoschus Manihot.

Complete answer:
Parbhani Kranti, a variety of bhindi is resistant to the yellow mosaic virus. It is the most destructive and widely distributed plant pathogenic virus which causes several viral diseases that infect legume crops. The mutations in the organisms are random and inherit sudden changes in the character of an organism which is done by the physical and chemical types of mutagens. It is known as an induced mutation in which the improved varieties of plants get produced with the help of induced mutation which is known as the mutation breeding. This mutation breeding helps with the development of resistance against the powdery mildew in mungbeans. The induction of mutations is done with the gamma rays and other mutagens such as dimethyl sulphate, X-rays, and ethyl methyl sulphates. The plant is protected against the insect and pest by several plant breeding methods which are developed to make the plant, insects and pest resistant and help in the production of plants against a shoot, fruit borer insect, aphids and jassids.

Additional information:
Bacterial blight: It is a disease that is caused by the bacterial pathogen known as Xanthomonas campestris in barley. It causes pale green spots, small or streaks which appear when soaked in water with the lesions that appear as dry dead spots when expanded. It can be reduced by rotating to non-grain crops and by burying crop residue and using disease-free seed.
Black rot: It is a plant that grows usually in Canada and the US and has a bitter and nauseating taste. It is consumed as an underground stem or rhizome and is used as a medicine for ongoing constipation and severe disorders of the gallbladder and the liver.
Leaf curl: It is a plant disease which is known for its distortion and coloration of the leaves which is caused by the fungus that infects several trees of almond and peach. It emerges from the bud due to its red color and twisted shape.

So, the correct answer is 'Yellow mosaic virus'.

Note: Leaf curl is characterized by the spring and is a springtime disease which is related to the ornamental plants. It can be severe during the spring which is followed by the mild winters and damages peach trees by causing an early leaf drop.