Natural system of classification is based on
C)Morphology and affinities

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Hint:Arranging the living organism On the basis of similarities and dissimilarities called classification.

Complete answer:
Classification is necessary to identify the particular organisms belonging to which spicies.It is not possible to study every organism, classification makes it easier to study an organism with the help of classification relationship to find out between different groups of organisms. Natural system of classification is mainly based upon morphological and affinities.
Types of classification:Three main types of classification –
Artificial, natural & phylogenetic

Artificial classification
In artificial classification one or two morphological characters are used for grouping of organisms.
Natural classification:
In Natural classification, comparable study takes place.
In this classification, comparable study takes place.
This classification brings out natural similarities and similarities among the organisms.
The system employs these characters which are relatively constant.
They include morphological characters, anatomical characters, development, and cytological characters.
These characters are helpful in bringing out the maximum number of similarities in a group and comparable differences with other groups of organisms.
For eg. Mammals are characterized by the presence of mammals, hair, vivipara, 4- chambered heart, warm blooded nature.
Birds possess wings, feathers, pneumatic bones, ovipary, 4-chambered heart, warm blooded nature.
Similarly, fishes do not possess limbs but are fine. Their body is covered with scales of respiration through gills, heart 2-chambered. Cold blooded animals.

Hence option ‘C’ is the correct answer.

Note:Natural classification is better than artificial classification because there is stress on comparative study it brings about affinities on the basis of number of characters.
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