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Name the types of components of habitat.

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint: A habitat is a place where an organism used to live or habitat is a dwelling place where organisms make their home. In a habitat, all the environmental conditions must be available for an organism to survive.

Complete answer:
For animals, habitat means everything it needs to survive which includes food, shelter and suitable mate to reproduce. Similarly, for a plant, a habitat must provide the sufficient light, air, water and soil to survive and reproduce.
A habitat consists of many components, the main components are shelter, water, food and space. For a suitable habit, all these components must be in the correct amount.
The amount of space required by organisms varies from species to species. It varies from a few square inches to many square kilometers.
The availability of food in a habitat is very important and a crucial part for the organisms and on the other hand too much food can also disrupt a habitat.
Water is very necessary for all forms of life. Every habitat must have some form of a water supply. The requirement of water varies with the organisms. Some organisms need a lot of water, while others need very little.
Every organism needs shelter to protect from predators and weather. It also provides a space for eating, sleeping, hunting, and raising a family. In a habitat, there are different forms of shelters.

Note: A habitat or dwelling place is an individual's primary requirement in the environment. It may serve many purposes such as shelter, food, protection and mate to reproduce. A habitat is the functional relationships between an organism and its environment.