Name the part of the flower which the tassels of the corn-cob represent.

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Hint: Corn is a monoecious plant. Mono means "one".Monoecious plants are those that have both male flowers and female flowers as separate structures but on the same plant. The corn cob has long tassels which help to spread the pollen into the flow of the wind. This pollen dispersion allows growth of future progeny due to wider dispersion of pollen into the wind.

Complete answer:
Generally flowers have two main parts i.e stamen and pistil.
Stamen and pistil are the main parts of flowers seen in male and female flowers respectively.Corn is a pistillate flower. Pistillate flowers are those that don't have stamens.

The tassels of corn cob represents the female part of the flower which is style and stigma. The corn cob plant has female flower clusters arranged on the stem which means it only blooms female flowers.

These flowers are covered with spath. The style of these flowers are very long hence these overhang from the flowers in the form of a bunch which are known as tassels.

The colour of the tassels can be green, purple or yellow. The tassels are present at the terminal or end point (apex) of the corn stalk. These tassels have stigma on their terminal point.

The tassels are long as they are involved in the production of large no. of pollen grains. These help to trap the pollen in the wind flow for a wider dispersion and future progeny.

Note: The corn flower is a monoecious plant. Monos means ‘single’ and oikos means ‘house’ i.e one house i.e these plants have male and female reproductive organs in the same plant. Corn cob has only female flowers which serves both the purpose of male and female in reproduction.They contain long tassels which help to spread the pollen into the flow of the wind.