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What is the message of the poem “Nine Gold Medals”?

Last updated date: 15th Apr 2024
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Hint: The above question is asking to discover the message of the poem 'Nine Gold Medals', composed by David Roth. He is an American rock singer, musician and creator who expounded on human upsides of collaboration, sympathy, compassion, reasonableness and concern. This poem uncovers the tale of nine differently-abled competitors who took an interest in a Special Olympics.

Complete answer:
The theme of the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’ is that sports isn't just about winning awards yet learning the upsides of participation, sharing, contending and supplementing. The writer has introduced the possibility of compassion and how human qualities are just about as significant as the soul of contest.

Unique Olympics alluded in the sonnet centers around the upsides of sympathy, sportsmanship, fellowship, collaboration, and empathy. The writer gives the message that the soul of sportsmanship and sympathy for individual people is a higher priority than winning a games contest.

These ethics help us in understanding the issues of individual people. Also, they help us in settling clashes and giving answers for their issues. In this way, we should attempt to guzzle these significant qualities through sports as opposed to zeroing in on winning decorations and prizes in games and rivalries.

It doesn't need for individuals to be from a nation or a place to give grace and sportsmanship. It additionally gives us a message that being magnanimous and helping other people can do a ton of good not exclusively to the individual who is being helped yet additionally to the individual who is making a difference.

Note: The poem Nine Gold Medals is a delightful poem portraying the friendship of the multitude of 8 competitors. The sprinters have really legitimized the soul of Special Olympics with their tokens of sympathy, sportsmanship and thought. The Special Olympics alluded to in David Roth's sonnet' Nine Gold Medals' became extraordinary for an incredible presentation of human sympathy and co-activity by nine differently-abled sprinters who paused and returned to protect one individual competitor who tumbled to the cold earth during a race.
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