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What is megahertz a measurement of?

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint :We know that it indicates the unit in the metric system which is based on a limited set of base units. In mathematical terms, the prefix mega can be defined in powers of ten such that mega denoted ten to the power of six.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
First, let us understand the definitions of mega in the metric system. Mega denotes a unit prefix that is used in the metric systems of units such that it denotes a ten to the power six i.e. $ \left( 1,000,000 \right). $ It implies that mega denotes a million times and is represented by the symbol ‘M’. Some common usage of prefix mega is as follows: Camera: Megapixel is referred to as one million pixels in a digital camera. In radio and television broadcasts, megahertz is used to measure the frequency of electromagnetic radiation. $ 1MHz=100,000\text{ }Hz. $ In power plants and electricity, Megawatt is used to measure the output of power plants, data centers, the power consumption of electric locomotives, and other purposes that heavily consume electricity.
We already know that most of the units used in science are metric units. A megahertz means $ {{10}^{6}} $ or a million hertz. Hertz is the SI unit of frequency and $ 1\text{ }Hz\text{ }=\text{ }1\text{ }{{s}^{-1}}\text{ }. $

Note :
Remember that the standard unit of electricity is defined in a systematic way. First, the ampere is defined. After, the ampere comes from the charge and coulomb of an electron. The SI units to measure the electric expressions of voltage, resistance and current are Volt $ \left( v \right), $ Ohm $ \left( \Omega \right) $ and Ampere $ \left( A \right) $ respectively. The electrical units for measurement of electric expressions are based on the International System (SI) of units. Other units are derived from this SI unit of electricity.