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Magnetic poles exist in___________

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: In order to solve this question one needs to know what a North pole or South pole of a magnet is. If in the Earth’s magnetic field, a magnet is suspended then the magnet will orient on its own in the North-South direction. The pole pointed towards the north is called a North seeking pole or the North Pole of the magnet.

Complete step-by-step solution:
The poles of a magnet indicate the North and South Pole of a magnet. An important property of a magnet is that magnets with the same pole facing toward each other repel whereas different poles attract each other. In other words, the North and South Pole attract each other but North-North and South-South poles repel each other.
Now to the question asking how magnetic poles exist. The answer is that they exist in pairs. Every single magnet when broken in the middle or into smaller pieces still exists as a magnet. Because even if a bar magnet is broken in the middle, it will still attract tiny iron pieces. That is it fulfills the property of a magnet. So this implies that the broken magnets form new poles (North and South poles).
Hence the poles of a magnet always appear in pairs. It is impractical for a magnetic pole to exist independently. That is, a North pole cannot exist without a South pole in the magnet.

Note: By definition, magnets are those bodies that are capable of producing their own magnetic field. Magnets are readily available everywhere, the most common one is the bar magnet which is rectangular in shape. These magnets attract ferromagnetic materials. Some examples of ferromagnetic materials are iron, nickel, steel, cobalt, and others.