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Linkage decreases the frequency of –

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: From Mendel's theory and was a deviation and was observed by some British geneticist in 1905. During sexual reproduction, in the meiosis, the DNA sequences which are close on a chromosome, are inherited together.

Complete answer:
The term linkage was coined by T.H. Morgan. Linkages generate parental types and increases in age because the linkage increases. On a chromosome, the genes that are located close to each other are called linked genes. The tendency of the linked genes to be inherited together is called genetic linkage. The genes that are close to each other have a tendency to be more linked, than those that are farther. The more linkage lesser will be recombination frequency and vice versa. Hence, linkage decreases the frequency of the hybrid. Hybrid is a kind of a heterogeneous trait. Linkage can also be defined as the process of associations of genes close together on the same chromosome. The linkage is classified into two- coupling and repulsion linkage based on the genes involved.

The strength of linkage depends upon the distances between the linked genes, the lesser distance, the higher strength. The linkage between the genes for the bent and wing and those for shaven abdominal bristles in Drosophila is an example of the complete linkage. Linkage ensures that genes are transmitted not separately, but collectively as a single unit.