Jute is obtained from a plant, which belongs to the family.
a. Tiliaceae
b. Sparrmanniaceae
c. Malvaceae
d. Euphorbiaceae

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Hint: Jute is a long, soft, shiny fibre. It can be spun into, long coarse to form strong threads. Jute’s primary source is corchorus auditoriums, but it is inferior to corchorus capsularis. 'Jute' is the general word of the plant or fibre which are used to make Gunny cloth or hessian.

Complete answer:
Tiliaceae:- It is generally trees and shrubs which belong to tropical and temperate regions, especially from southeastern Asia and Brazil; Sparmannia. This family has yellow flowers with free-stamens and it has distinctive and bizarre-looking fruit.

Sparrmanniaceae:- Sparrmanniaceae is one of the segregated plant types, containing plants which are Malvaceae or Tiliaceae. It is a combination of cheek exHeywood, it corresponds to the subfamily of Grewioideae of the Malvaceae family.

Malvaceae:- The Malvaceae family have 243 genera and 4,225 species of herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees which are distributed worldwide. In this type of plant family, it features five-petaled flowers. This plant family can be grown as food crops or as ornaments.

Euphorbiaceae:- It consists of 7,500 species and 275 genera of flowering plants which are generally found in tropics. This type of plant produce unisexual flowers, it is borne in character and is also known as cyathia. Many of this species contain milky latex, which is useful for oil or wax.

Note: A is the correct answer. Jute belongs to the Tiliaceae family. Jute is an affordable natural fabric. It consists of plant material like cellulose and lignin. Jute fibres are off white to brown and its length is 1 to 4 meters (3-13 feet). It is also known as ‘golden fibre’ because of its colour and money value.