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Iron is a/an:

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint :The metals which consist of partially filled d-subshell or their cationic form have incomplete d-subshell is termed as transition metal. Generally, the metals of d-block elements are known as transition metals. These metals have a special property of showing variable oxidation states.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
The element of iron metal is symbolized by $ Fe $ and its atomic number is $ 26 $ . The origin of the symbol $ Fe $ is derived from the Latin word “Ferrum” which means iron. It is placed at the sixth position of the first transition metal series i.e., $ 3d $ series. Iron metal shows a broad range of oxidation states i.e., $ - 2 $ to $ + 7 $ . But the most common oxidation states in which iron exists are $ + 2 $ and $ + 3 $ .
The noble gas configuration of iron metal is as follows:
 $ Fe = [Ar]3{d^6}4{s^2} $
As the d-subshell of the atom is partially filled i.e., some of the orbitals are vacant. Therefore, we can conclude that iron is a transition metal element.

Additional Information:
Iron is used widely in several sectors like manufacturing, construction, buildings, etc.
Some of the major applications of iron are given below:
Most commonly used to produce magnets.
Used in production of cast iron or steel
It plays an important role in the formation of alloys.

Note :
The naming of compounds of iron is based on the oxidation state of the iron. If the iron metal forms a compound while having an oxidation state of $ + 2 $ , then the ion is named as ferrous whereas if the oxidation state of iron is $ + 3 $ then the ion is named as ferric.