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Identify the correct type of food chain.
Dead animal → blowfly maggots→ common frog→ snake.
 (a) Grazing food chain
 (b) Detrital food chain
 (c) Decomposer food chain
(d) Predator food chain

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Hint: Food chain refers to food travel from producer to consumer. The type of food chain depends on the producer and consumer, it may be a decomposer microorganism, herbivorous animal, detritus, and predator.

Complete answer:
Dead organic matter is called detritus. Dead organic matter consists of organic waste, the dead part, and dead bodies. Detritus food chains pass the maximum amount of energy in comparison to other food chains. There are three types of detritus feeder- scavenger which feeds on the dead body, detritivores feed on organic fragments and decomposer are bacteria and fungi which decompose dead material by which mineralization and humus formation take place.
 Common detritus food chain- Detritus$\rightarrow$ Primary consumer$\rightarrow$ Secondary consumer$\rightarrow$ Tertiary consumer.
 Detritus and decomposer food chains are similar. The only difference is, in decomposer food chain detritus replaced by decomposer.,

Additional Information: -Grazing food chain- It is a very common food chain and the primary consumer in this food chain is herbivorous animals which are also called a grazing animal.
The sequence of this food chain- Grass$\rightarrow$ Herbivorous animal$\rightarrow$ Primary carnivore$\rightarrow$ Secondary carnivore.
-Predator food chain- The predator food chain is similar to the grazing food chain. Predator food chains include producer, consumer, and decomposer.
Apart from the grazing and detritus food chain, there is a pond food chain and ocean food chain also present, in which phytoplankton is produced and the rest are consumers.
So, the correct answer is the Detrital food chain.

Note: The life period of consumers is higher in comparison to the producer. One consumer can also occupy more than one trophic level. The food chain generally shows an inverted pyramid because population size decreases with a rise in the trophic level. The complete food chain gets affected if any one of the tropic levels gets extinct.