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Identify the adjective form of the given word:

a) Destruction
b) Destructive
c) Destructively
d) Destructivelly

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Hint: An adjective is the word that defines a particular attribute or characteristic feature of a thing, person, or place. Destroy indicates the damage made over something.

Complete answer:

Adjectives are generally used to modify or describe an attribute of a noun.
Example: She has long hair. It is a red dress.
Destroy is the verb that we use to describe the demolition or knocking down of something by damaging or attacking it, deliberately or not. It also indicates the utter defeat or ruining of someone or something.
Option a has the term ‘destruction’ in it. The noun form of ‘destroy’ is destruction. It indicates the action of destroying something. As we need its adjective form here, we can rule this out.
Option b has the correct form. Destructive is the adjective of ‘destroy.’ It refers to something that causes irreparable or great damage to something. Thus, option b becomes the right answer.
Example: The army has destructive weapons with them.
Options c and d are wrong.
Linguistically, there exists no word as ‘destructively’ though we tend to use it as the adverb for ‘destroy.’ Option c thus becomes wrong.
 Similarly, option d is also incorrect as there exists no such word as ‘destructivelly’ in English.

Note: Do not confuse an adjective with an adverb. An adverb is used to modify or qualify an adjective, verb, or another adverb itself.

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