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10 examples of evaporation in daily life with explanations


1. Drying clothes under the sun: water is removed from the clothes as water droplets get evaporated due to heat of the sun

2. Drying up of water and potholes from streets: water gets evaporated from the potholes and puddles due to rain as it gets evaporated due to heat of the sun 

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3. Evaporation of perspiration from body - Sweat on our body evaporates taking away heat from our body

4. Tea and other hot drinks cooling: heat loss happens as water evaporates causing the hot drink to cool down a bit

5. Drying up of water bodies like lakes and ponds in our surroundings: in hot summer months water gets evaporated and gets refilled only after it rains

6. Drying of wet hair: hair dry up themselves after washing them as water gets evaporated due to heat of the sun/ heat of the hair dryer 

7. Common salt preparation: salt is prepared naturally by evaporation of seawater 

8. Ironing of clothes: clothes get ironed well when hot press evaporates water vapour trapped in the fabric and relieves creases

9. Cooling of water in earthen pot/ matka: water cools as it evaporates from the surface of the earthen pot 

10. Evaporation of nail paint remover when applied on nails - acetone in nail paint remover takes heat from our body and evaporates.