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Honeybee makes honey from _________.

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: Honey bees are insects that are able to fly and they are responsible for the pollination of flowers. It is drawn to flowers that are yellow-orange in colour. Honeybees are known for their power to bring about a lot of honey that is edible to us and are highly nutritional.

Complete answer:
The process of honey making is as follows:
When a worker bee finds a suitable supply of nectar, it begins to function. They will then suck up from the inside of flowers, the available nectar, with the help of their proboscis (sucking tube), and they often encounter over 100 flowers on a single harvesting journey.
The nectar, along with a small amount of saliva contributed by the honey, is preserved in the honey stomach; that is a special container where the bee stores nectar. When the worker bee's honey stomach is packed, the bee carries it to the hive where it proceeds to drop off the collected nectar.
When the nectar is taken back to the hive, the nectar is chewed and transferred from bee to bee, as a result causing their salivary enzymes to alter the pH value of the nectar. This process also brings other chemical properties to it. Storage is the final stage in the process of honey manufacture. The honey-like form is safely stored into the honeycomb cages, where it will remain till the bees are able to consume it.
So in brief, honeybees collect nectar from flowers, they then transport it to their beehives, continue to make honey by changing the nectar. So the nectar is processed in steps which lead to the formation of honey.

Therefore the final answer is that, ‘honeybees make honey from nectar’.

There are three types of bees in a honey bee hive: a Queen bee, several male drones, and worker honeybees. The queen bee and male drones are only for breeding, while the worker bees do all of the work, such as shaping wax and building hives, extracting nectar from various flowers, cleaning and defending the hives against foreign creatures.