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Give two uses of diamond.

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: We have to remember that the same kind of atom to form chain of form is known as catenation. The four important properties are required for the catenation of atoms. There are the valency of atom is equal or greater than two, the atom have an ability to bond itself with long chain without required another energy for stability for the chain, the self-bond should be stronger than bond with other atom in nature and the kinetic inertness of catenated compound towards other atoms in the molecules.

Complete answer:
We also know that the diamond is one of the allotropes of the carbon atom. The hybridisation of sp3. The diamond is the strongest allotrope of carbon. Each carbon atom in diamond is bonded with another four carbon atoms in the molecule. The geometric nature of diamond is tetrahedral. The structure of diamond is also tetrahedral.
Now we see the uses of diamond are given below,
Diamond is mainly used for sharpening hard tools.
Diamond is also used for cutting glasses.
Diamond is also used for making bores in the ground.
Diamond is also used for making ornaments and it is one of the precious stones.
Diamond is also used for rock drilling.

We also need to remember that one of the allotropes of carbon is graphite. It is mainly used in pencil. Carbon nanotubes are also one of the carbon allotropes. The carbon nanotubes are mainly used for polymer, catalytic chemistry and nano diode making methods. Graphite and diamond are the main allotrope of the carbon atom. In current science, diamond is used for making hydrogen metal for fuel research.