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Last updated date: 02nd Dec 2023
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Give an example of mixotrophic nutrition?

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Hint: Mixotrophs is the group of organisms which obtain the energy and carbons by two modes, one is by autotrophs, which means that they can synthesize their own food, and the other one is heterotrophy which depends on others for energy, so the organisms which play this dual role are said to be mixotrophs, most of the microscopic planktons come under Mixotrophs.

Complete answer:
Generally, Mixotrophy can be seen in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes.
In eukaryotes, there are two types of mixotrophs, they are, the one that having its own chloroplast and the other are those present as endosymbionts the organisms in endosymbionts obtain chloroplast by kleptoplasty.

Types of Mixotrophs
> Obligate Mixotrophy: This is the organism where the growth and maintains require both autotrophy and as well as heterotrophy.

> Obligate autotroph with Facultative heterotroph: In this organism, obtain energy and carbon on their own, and the growth and maintenance are by the autotrophy, but sometimes situations like the low intensity of light, they depend on heterotrophs.

> Facultative autotroph and obligate heterotroph: In this organism, heterotrophy is enough to maintain their growth and development, but in some situations, like low availability of the prey, they again become autotrophs for the development.

> Facultative Mixotrophy: In this type, the growth and maintenance are either autotrophs or heterotrophs and they use the Mixotrophy only when necessary.
Types: Based on the efficiency
- Type1: This is called ideal mixotrophs because they use both preys and sunlight equally.
- Type2: Phototrophic activity is supplementary to food consumption.
- Type3: Primary heterotrophic activity, if the prey are low, then photographic activity is seen.

Note: Among microorganisms, Paracoccus pantothropus is the example of mixotrophy and among plants, Mixotrophy is applicable to carnivores, hemiparasitic and myco-heterotrophic species.