Foramen magnum is found on
A. Lateral side of the skull
B. Neural canal
C. Anterior side of the skull
D. Posterior side of the skull

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Hint: The Foramen magnum is the opening of the cranium from which the backbone becomes the longitudinal medulla. The magnum foramen is a wide oval opening in people and many other species in the occipital bone of the skull. It is one of many openings at the base of the skull that are oval or circular.

Complete answer:The skull, the vertebrate head's skeletal structure, consists of bones or cartilage, forming a unit that protects the brain and some sensory organs. The upper jaw forms part of the head, but not the lower one. The human cranium, the part containing the brain, is globular and fairly huge in comparison with the face. The base of the human cranium is the occipital bone that has a central opening called the foramen magnum to allow the spinal cord to reach it.
Now, to find the answer from the options-
The parietal bone is included in much of the upper lateral side of the skull. These are the paired bones, with the right and left parietal bones respectively joined by the top of the skull. Therefore, choice A is wrong.
The neural canal is a structure of the cavity or cavity in the vertebrae of the fetus that forms the brain ventricles and the central canal of the spinal cord, or the gap in the vertebral column formed by the vertebrae through which the spinal cord passes. Therefore, in the neural canal, the spinal cord is located. Therefore, choice B is wrong.

The anterior skull contains the facial bones which support the eyes and face muscles' bony structure. Therefore, choice C is wrong.
On the backside of the skull, the Foramen Magnum is present. There is a large oval void in the occipital skull bone. The spinal cord moves through this cavity. It is located around the base of the medulla oblongata that separates from the brain above the spinal cord below.

Therefore, the correct response is choice D, the Posterior side of the skull.

Note: The foramen magnum is the largest foramen in the skull and makes up part of the occipital bone. It is oval in shape with a wide anteroposterior diameter. Foramen magnum stenosis happens when the opening narrows, creating pressure on the spinal cord or brain.