Floret is
A. Small fruit
B. Small flower
C. Small sessile flower
D. Small neuter flower

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Hint: In plants of the Compositae family, Floret is a herb, such as a disk or ray florets that make up the capitulum. The lemma, palea, and the flower they enclose in grasses from the floret.

Complete answer:
A floret has two bracts of flower i.e an external, called the lemma, and an internal called the palea. In order to disperse the lemma and palea, the perianth is reduced to two scales, called lodicules, which extend and contract; these are usually understood to be modified sepals. The word floret is used to describe the flowers found in the head or capitulum inflorescence and is a striking characteristic of the Asteraceae family members. The inflorescence occurs as the flower in these small-sized sessile bear flowers, or florets, the whole inflorescence itself. The neuters are so called because it consists of neither male nor female parts in the flower. If the flower in the head of such hybrid plants includes some of the tiny strap-shaped flowers, the ray floret is called, for example, the daisy.

A lodicule is an arrangement at the base of the ovary in a grass flower that reflects the corolla, thought to be a primitive perianth, composed of between one and three small scales. The swelling of the lodicules pulls the bracts of the flower apart, revealing the reproductive organs of the flower.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C)

Note: Florets are small-sized sessile flowers which in the case of the family Asteraceae, collectively form a composite flower. A flower like this is called a head or a capitulum. The lack of a pedicel renders them sessile. The Cauliflower is an example of the condensed shoot inflorescence. The florets are all nutritious.