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What is the factor that differentiates between combustion and burning?

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint :
Combustion is a chemical reaction that occurs when a compound reacts quickly with oxygen and produces heat. The initial material is known as the petrol, and the oxygen supply is known as the oxidizer. The fuel can be solid, liquid, or gas, but it is normally a liquid for aeroplane propulsion.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
Lighting anything on fire is referred to as burning. To burn something, you'll need three things: a flammable substance, oxygen, and fuel. The formation of a blaze is the most important feature of fire. A flame occurs as flammable material is burned. The colour of the blaze is determined by the amount of oxygen available as well as the form of substance being burned.
Burning: Lighting anything on fire is referred to as burning.
Combustion: Combustion is a chemical reaction in which a fuel is oxidised.
Burning: A flame is often created when something is burned.
Combustion: A flame may or may not result from combustion.
Heat Energy
Burning: Burning produces only a small amount of heat energy.
Combustion: Combustion generates a lot of steam.
Light Energy
Burning: When you burn something, you still get light energy.
Combustion: As an energy form, combustion may or may not produce light.

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) and water are the primary products of full combustion (H₂O). Carbon monoxide (CO) and water, as well as snoot, are generated by incomplete combustion reactions. Combustion can occur with both flammable and non-flammable compounds. Inflammable compounds, such as gasoline, are oxidised by oxygen rather than becoming a flame.
They vary in that combustion takes place in a fixed quantity of oxygen while burning takes place in an unlimited amount of oxygen (done in open).
Hence option A in correct

Note :
The terms "burning" and "combustion" are often interchanged. The creation of a flame is the primary distinction between fire and combustion. Burnings are combustion processes that result in a blaze. Burning and combustion, on the other hand, all generate heat energy. The heat energy produced by combustion reactions is primarily used in industry. The heat energy provided by burning is primarily used to meet domestic needs, such as cooking with wood.