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How do you draw the electron configuration diagram for copper?

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: We know that copper is an element present in the d block of the periodic table. It belongs to group 11 and 4th period. The atomic number of copper is 29. Here, we have to arrange the 29 electrons of copper in increasing order of energy of the shell. Then, we have to form a chart having all subshells.

Complete step by step answer:
We know the various shells present in an atom are K, L, M, N etc. The K shell represents 1st shell, L shell represents 2nd shell etc. The K shell has one sub shell (s), the L shell has two sub shells (s, p), the M shell has three sub shells (s, p, d) and the N shell has four sub shells (s, p, d and f).
The atomic number of copper is 29. So, the expected electronic configuration of copper is,
But, we know that the half filled and fully filled configuration gets extra stability. So, one electron jumps from $4{s^2}$ to $3{d^9}$.
So, the actual electronic configuration of copper is,
Now, we have to draw the electronic configuration diagram for copper.

seo images

As only one electron is present in the valence shell of copper, its valency is one.

Note: Always remember that this $1{s^2}2{s^2}2{p^6}3{s^2}3{p^6}4{s^2}3{d^9}$ electronic configuration of copper is not correct despite it seem correct. To become more stable, one electron jumps from the 4s subshell to the 3p subshell to form a half filled and a fully filled configuration. So, the correct configuration of copper is $1{s^2}2{s^2}2{p^6}3{s^2}3{p^6}4{s^1}3{d^{10}}$.