Distinguish between the following with a suitable diagram: Exarch and Endarch.

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Hint: Based on the arrangement of Protoxylem and metaxylem, they are divided into two types, they are exarch and endarch, characteristically this type is seen in the stems of the flowering plants and roots of the vascular plants.

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Exarch Endarch
The development is from the periphery and young cells are present close to the core of the xylem.The development is from the center and the oldest cells are present close to the core of the xylem.
Protoxylem occurs towards the periphery.Protoxylem occurs towards the center.
Metaxylem occurs towards the periphery.Metaxylem occurs towards the center.
Occurs in the roots of vascular plants.Occurs in the stems of the flowering or seed plant.
Centripetal arrangement is seen.Centrifugal type of arrangement is seen.

Xylem is of two types mainly they are
> Primary and
> Secondary xylem
Primary xylem: In primary xylem, the first formed xylem is Protoxylem and later formed primary xylem is metaxylem. There are two types of organizations in the primary xylem, they are nothing but the exarch and endarch xylem.
When it comes to the functions of xylem, the function is to transport the water and the minerals from the roots to the other parts of the plants.
Later secondary xylem is formed, it is due to vascular calcium where the circumference of the plants.

Xylem consists of different types of cells where the trachea and tracheid cells are useful for conduction, and the xylem fibers are used for the mechanical strength and xylem parenchyma is useful for storage of food produced in the plants.