Why did V.M Molotov come up with the Molotov plan?

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Hint: First of all we should know that V.M Molotov came from the name Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov. He was a Russian politician and diplomat. We should know that he came up with the Molotov plan to prevent eastern European countries from taking Marshall Plan money or we can say that he wanted to aid eastern Europe and increase soviet influence.

Complete answer:
Let us clearly understand the explanation of Molotov's plan. We should keep in mind that the Molotov plan was the Soviet Union’s alternate plan to the Marshall Plan. As we know from the following world war second, the Americans developed a Marshal plan with the intention of providing financial aid to western Europe so that those countries can recover quickly and redevelop their industries. Therefore the Marshall plan was offered to the east European countries also but it was blocked by the Soviet Union.

We know that Molotov was a prominent Russian politician, he was also instrumental in the Nazi-soviet Non- aggression Pact in the year $1939$ . So Molotov felt that the Marshall plan would weaken communist control of the European states and thus he developed the Molotov plan and thus Russian provided financial aid to those states in return for the significant controlling powers.

Note: We should note that the Molotov plan was originally called the Brother Plan in the Soviet Union. We should know that the plane invented by V.M Molotov was a system of bilateral trade agreements that established COMECON to create an economic alliance of socialist countries. Thus this plan also allowed states to reorganize their trade to the USSR instead.