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Last updated date: 11th Jun 2024
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Hint: The mixed cropping may be a vital agricultural practice and it's wont to increase the yield of crops there are many various cropping techniques employed by the farmers like intercropping. Mixed cropping is reasonable and helps to enhance not only the number but also the standard of the seeds and maintain the fertility of the soil.

Complete answer: Cropping pattern refers to the practice of the usage of a proportion of land under cultivation in such an order that the output from the sector is often maximum and crop loss is often avoided. There are three basic sorts of cropping patterns, namely, mixed cropping, intercropping, and crop rotation.
-In mixed cropping, two or more crops are grown simultaneously within the same land, this system involves the reduction the failure, during this process the seeds of the plants to be cultivated are mixed before sowing, during this technique the harvesting and threshing of both the plants are done together as individual harvesting and threshing of crops isn't possible, this system increases the crop yield.
-Examples of this system are wheat & gram, wheat & mustard, groundnut & sunflower. The choice of crops during this technique is predicated on the difference within the nutrient requirement of the crops, the farmers select the crops that have different nutrient demands in order that the fertility of the soil is additionally maintained.
-Mixed cropping, because the name defines, constitutes intermixing the seeds of two or more crop plants before sowing them, in order that the crops are grown mixed with one another. For instance, wheat and gram, both rabi or winter crops are grown together.
-Gram may be a legume, so it enriches the soil with nitrogen which will be employed by the wheat crop.
Mixed cropping has the subsequent two advantages:-
i. It reduces the danger of failure. Just in case one among the crops is lost, the opposite one will survive and therefore the farmers will have something to reap.
ii. It allows proper usage of the soil and also maintains the standard of the soil.

Note: Crops of various growth habits, duration of growth, different root development, and crops from different families are being selected within the intercropping process. The two different terms are inter and mixed cropping processes but remember in intercropping the plants are grown simultaneously but in mixed the seeds are mixed before sowing.