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Deficiency of ______ results in skin lesions and albinism.

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Hint: A natural skin pigment in humans that gives color to skin, hair and eyes, produced by specialized cells known as melanocytes. Also play a significant role by providing protection against damage from the sun rays, production of pigment is influenced by certain factors such as age, hormones etc.

Complete answer: -
To answer this question you must know what skin lesion and albinism and their causes.
Skin lesions are any damage or abnormal change in the tissues of an organism, caused by melanin deficiency and albinism is a group of genetic disorders that affects the skin, hair and eyes to have little or no color due to lack of melanin.
Melanin is the natural skin pigment hair, skin and eye color depending on the amount of melanin production in our body. The amount of melanin our body makes depends on our genes. If your parents have a lot or little skin pigment, you will probably look like them melanin provide protection to skin by UV light.
Deficiency of melanin causes disorders like albinism, skin lesion, and vitiligo, this may be because of a reduced number of melanocytes or reduced melanin production from melanosomes.
Increase in melanin production can also lead to skin damage because it is increased by tanning and tanning can be dangerous because in tanning uv rays penetrate the skin and start to damage the DNA of the skin.

To increase the melanin levels there are certain vitamins and supplements such as vitamin A and vitamin E. More melanin leads to more whiting of the skin. There are various supplements available in the market which we can take to avoid skin problems.