Curd is sour in taste due to the presence of acidic substances.
A. True
B. False

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Hint: Try to recall that curd is made by curdling cow’s milk with purified cultures of beneficial bacteria and also, the added bacteria convert the lactose sugar in milk. Now, by using this you can easily say if the given statement is true or false.

Complete step by step solution:
-It is known to you that milk contains lactose sugar and curd is formed by the fermentation of lactose sugar.
-During fermentation, when lactobacillus bacteria are added to the milk, then they convert the lactose sugar present in milk into lactic acid and it is the lactic acid which makes curd sour in taste.
-If the curd is not stored in a cool place , then the curd turns sour because bacteria continues to reproduce themselves and produce more and more lactic acid in the milk.
-The increased acidity causes the milk proteins (casein) to tangle into solid masses, or curds and milk that have been left to sour will also naturally produce curds.
Therefore, from above points we can easily conclude that the given statement is true and option A is the correct option to the given statement.

-It should be remembered that sometimes curd tastes bitter if the fermentation is in excess than the required amount.
- During the fermentation process, the lactose present in milk is converted to lactic acid under ambient environmental conditions and when optimum consistency is reached then to stop fermentation it has to be refrigerated.
-If this is not done then fermentation continues and more lactic acid is produced and turns the curd bitter.
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