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Cretinism is due to
A. Excess growth hormone
B. Absence of insulin
C. Excess of adrenalin
D. Hyposecretion of thyroid in childhood

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Hint: Cretinism is due to under activity of some glands at birth, it results in the growth retardation and also delay in the development, and some abnormal features can also be seen, some researchers say that deficiency of iodine in the diet of the mother during pregnancy can cause the cretinism.

Complete answer:
Cretinism is due to the Hyposecretion of thyroid hormone in childhood.
These people metabolic rate and oxidation was reduced, it may result in a decreased heartbeat, lower body temperature, stunted growth of the child is seen
These people are mentally retarded, when coming to the physical features. They have an awkward body having a pot belly, and they have pigeon chest
The sexual organs are retarded in these people
The treatment for this condition is the early injection of thyroid hormones into the body
When we look at the other options, given in the question, excessive secretion of growth hormone, in this condition people grow abnormal height and the condition is called gigantism.
It growth hormone is produced in very less amount than normal, then it results in a condition called dwarfism
Absence of insulin results in the development of a condition called Diabetes I, it occurs mostly due to the depletion of insulin-secreting cells in the pancreas
Excess of adrenalin is due to any tumors of the adrenaline gland, it causes anxiety, weight loss, and palpitations.

So from the above explanation Hyposecretion of the thyroid in childhood is the correct option.

So it is very important to have knowledge regarding the endocrine disorders like the disease produced due to excessive secretion or deficiency of the particular hormone, and features of those disease conditions.