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How can the concentration of a solution be increased?

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: To determine the answer to this question we should know what the solution is, the main parts of the solution, what is the concentration. The mixture in which one or more substances are dissolved into a liquid is known as a solution. The amount of solute in a given amount of solution is known as concentration.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Generally, the concentration is defined in terms of molarity.
Molarity is defined as the amount of solute dissolved in a volume of solution. The amount of solute is taken in the form of a mole and the volume of the solution is taken as per litre.

So, the formula of molarity is as follows:
${\text{Molarity}}\,{\text{ = }}\,\dfrac{{{\text{Moles}}\,{\text{of}}\,{\text{solute}}}}{{{\text{Litter}}\,{\text{of}}\,{\text{solution}}}}$

Generally, we add the solute in a solvent in grams.

The formula of moles of solute is as follows:
${\text{Mole}}\,{\text{ = }}\,\dfrac{{{\text{Mass}}\,{\text{of}}\,{\text{solute}}}}{{{\text{molar mass of solute}}}}$

According to the mole formula mass of a solute is directly proportional to the moles of that solute which in turn is directly proportional to the molarity.

If we increase the amount of solute its moles in the solution will be increased which will increase the molarity hence the concentration of the solution. Therefore, the concentration of a solution can be increased by increasing the amount of solute.

Note: The solution is a homogeneous mixture. The substance which dissolves the other substance into it is known as a solvent. The substance which dissolves into the solvent is known as solute. The concentration of the solution depends upon the amount of solute. By decreasing the amount of solute we can decrease the concentration of the solution. The unit of concentration is mol per litre.