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Complete the following reactions?
A.\[2NaOH + C{l_2} \to NaCl{ + _{ - - - - - - - - }} + {H_2}O\]
B.\[N{a_2}S{O_3} + 2HCl \to 2NaCl + {H_2}O{ + _{ - - - - - - }}\]
C.\[C{l_2} + 3{F_2}{\xrightarrow{{573K}}_{ - - - - - - - - }}\]

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Hint: To solve each equation, the first thing that we have to keep in mind is its balanced nature. So you have to balance the atoms on both sides, using this you will get the idea of which product is missing from these given equations.

Complete answer:
Let’s go through each equation separately one by one.
So , coming to our first equation ,
A.When sodium hydroxide reacts with chlorine in cold and diluted solution, then sodium chloride, sodium hypochlorite and water is released out.
Here conditions in which reaction is taking place is also very much important.
So, our final reaction will look like,
\[2NaOH + C{l_2} \to NaCl{ + _{}}NaClO + {H_2}O\]
B.When we talk about this equation – we can see that this is a neutralisation reaction.
\[N{a_2}S{O_3} + 2HCl \to 2NaCl + {H_2}O{ + _{ - - - - - - }}\]
This is an acid-base reaction as \[N{a_2}S{O_3}\] , a base reacts with the hydrochloric acid,\[HCl\].
So, our final equation will be,
\[N{a_2}S{O_3} + 2HCl \to 2NaCl + {H_2}O + S{O_2}\]
So, when sodium sulfite reacts with hydrochloric acid, it yields sodium chloride, water and sulphur dioxide.
C.When we talk about the reaction between chloride and fluorine, it occurs on giving heat and is not a spontaneous process.
So when dichloride and fluorine reacts with each other on giving heat, they yield chlorine \[(III)\] fluoride.
\[C{l_2} + 3{F_2}\xrightarrow{{573K}}2Cl{F_3}\]

Hydrochloric acid is also known as chlorine or hydrogen chloride; it is a colourless, transparent liquid and produces fumes in air if present in a concentrated form. It also exists in the gaseous form as colourless gas but with a pungent odour. Also hydrochloric acid is transported in the form of liquefied compressed gas.