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Complete the following reaction:
$NaN{O_3} + N{H_4}Cl \to ?$
A.$NaN{O_3} + N{H_4}Cl \to N{H_4}N{O_3} + NaCl\xrightarrow{\Delta }{N_2}O + 2{H_2}O$
B.$NaN{O_3} + 3N{H_4}Cl \to 2N{H_4}N{O_3} + NaCl\xrightarrow{\Delta }{N_2}O + 2{H_2}O$
C.$2NaN{O_3} + 3N{H_4}Cl \to 2N{H_4}N{O_3} + 2NaCl\xrightarrow{\Delta }{N_2}O + 2{H_2}O$
D.None of these

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Hint: We know that there are two sorts of double displacement reaction. One sort of double displacement reaction is acid-base reaction and another sort of double displacement is precipitation reaction. We can say that an insoluble salt is produced when two solutions which have two soluble salts are combined. We could give the term for this insoluble salt as precipitate.

Complete answer:
The given incomplete reaction is,
$NaN{O_3} + N{H_4}Cl \to ?$
The reaction of sodium nitrate with ammonium chloride is a double displacement reaction. In this reaction, the cations and anions are exchanged to form two products. When sodium nitrate is reacted with ammonium chloride, the products formed would be ammonium nitrate and sodium chloride. When these products ammonium nitrate and sodium chloride are combined and heated, they would form dinitrogen monoxide and water. We can write the complete equation is,
$NaN{O_3} + N{H_4}Cl \to N{H_4}N{O_3} + NaCl\xrightarrow{\Delta }{N_2}O + {H_2}O$
We can see that the above reaction is unbalanced. We need two moles of water in the product side to make this reaction a balanced one.
We can write the complete balanced reaction as,
$NaN{O_3} + N{H_4}Cl \to N{H_4}N{O_3} + NaCl\xrightarrow{\Delta }{N_2}O + 2{H_2}O$

So, from the above equation we can conclude that Option (A) is correct.

We have to know that there are two types of displacement reactions. One type of displacement reaction is a double displacement reaction and another type of displacement reaction is single displacement reaction. We can say in a single displacement reaction, an ion (or) element is displaced by another element (or) ion present in the compound. We can also say that a single displacement reaction is a type of oxidation-reduction chemical reaction.