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Last updated date: 27th Nov 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

Complete the following chemical reaction.
 $ 2NaOH + CO_2 \rightarrow $

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Hint :To solve the given questions, we should have information about $ CO_2 $ and $ NaOH $ . Sodium hydroxide is a strong alkali and is a good electrolyte. It is used in the preparation of many commercial chemicals. It is also known as Caustic soda and is a white ionic solid. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is a major component of the carbon cycle. It is added to nature by the decaying of organisms and through human activities.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
Step-1 :
The given reaction is a displacement reaction. A displacement reaction is a reaction where one more reactive element displaces the other less reactive element.
Step-2 :
When sodium hydroxide reacts with carbon dioxide, sodium bicarbonate and water is formed. The sodium bicarbonate formed is white coloured and odourless.
 $ NaOH + CO_2 \rightarrow NaHCO_3 + H_2O $

Additional Information:
Carbon dioxide is associated with the phenomenon of effervescence. Effervescence is the escape of gas from a liquid by creating foam or bubbles. After a reaction when carbon dioxide is released effervescence can be absorbed easily.

Note :
Chemical reactivity of elements is linked with their relative positions in the activity series. According to the activity series, certain metals can replace some less reactive metals from their salt solutions.