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Colour of crude oil is:
A. Brownish black
B. light yellow
C. transparent
D. white

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Hint: The crude oil is obtained from the earth surface by drilling and after fractional distillation the components of the crude oil are separated to form other products. The crude oil is known as petroleum.

Complete step by step answer:
The crude oil is commonly known as petroleum which is present naturally beneath the earth surface. The crude oil is brownish black in colour. The crude oil is refined into various types of fuels. The component of the petroleum or crude oil is separated with the help of fractional distillation. The fractional distillation is a method used to separate liquid mixture based on the difference in boiling point of different liquid with the help of fractionating column.
The petroleum contains a large number of hydrocarbons with heavy molecular weight and other miscellaneous organic compounds. The petroleum includes unprocessed crude oil and petroleum products which are prepared from the refined crude oil.
The petroleum is formed when dead organisms, algae are buried under sedimentary rock and subjected to high heat and pressure. Petroleum is a non-renewable resource which cannot be replaced naturally.
The crude oil is obtained through drilling, where the crude oil is usually present alongside the natural gas and saline water.
Thus, the color of crude oil is brownish black.
Therefore, the correct option is A.

The color of crude oil varies from black to yellow depending upon the hydrocarbon composition. The crude oil is refined into a number of natural products like gasoline, kerosene, asphalt. The color of gasoline is yellowish in color, kerosene is blue in color.