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Cocaine is derived from
A. Cannabis sativa
B. Papaver somniferum
C. Erythroxylum coca
D. All of these

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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Hint: Cocaine is a stimulant drug which is made from the leaves. It causes serious effects on health and wellbeing. It is also used as local anesthesia.

To tackle this question,
We need to know things about cocaine.
Cocaine is an alkaloid and stimulant that is made from coca leaves. The various ways in which it’s intake can be done is – by snorting, by inhaling, by smoking and dissolving or injecting into the veins.
Now let us start exploring every option which will lead us finally to our answer.
Cannabis sativa, an annual herbaceous flowering plant was indigenous to Eastern Asia before but now due to its widespread cultivation is found in many parts of the world. It produces the drug cannabis, known as ganja in common terms. The pharmaceuticals and construction sector are equally interested in this as it’s metabolites are powerful bioactivities on human health whereas it’s inner and outer stem tissues are useful in making bioplastics and concrete material.
Erythroxylum coca produces the stimulant coca which is native to South America. As a drug, it is a fine, white crystal powder. It is very addictive in nature and a very high dose of it leads to death. Short time health effects include – extreme happiness and energy, paranoia, mental alertness etc.
Pappy somniferum is native to Turkey and is a flowering plant from the family of Papaveraceae. Morphine, heroin, opium etc. all these are derived from the latex of its immature seed. It is widely used in decoration and flavor in the food industry. It also found its use in the medicinal industry.

So from the above discussion it is quite clear that option (C)Erythroxylum coca is the answer to our question.

Note :
All these drugs give us temporary happiness and make us forget our losses, making us addicted to them.
Most importantly we should know that they do have their importance in certain industries but it’s overdose leads to the loss of life of many.