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Classify the following salts as acid salt or normal salt: $ Na{H_2}P{O_4} $

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Hint :Salt is an ionic compound with a cation (base) and an anion (acid).It is the primary mineral constituent of seawater and is found in significant amounts there. Salt is essential for animal life, and one of the most basic human tastes is saltiness.
 $ Acid + Base \to Salt + water $

Complete Step By Step Answer:
Let us first get some knowledge about Acid salt and normal salt. Normal salt is made up of strong acid and strong base or weak acid and weak base, whereas acidic salt is made up of strong acid and weak base. In water solution, acidic salt ionises to form more $ {H^ + } $ ions than $ O{H^ - } $ ions, whereas regular salt ionises to form an equal number of $ {H^ + } $ ions and $ O{H^ - } $ ions.
 $ Na{H_2}P{O_4} $ , sodium dihydrogen phosphate is a phosphoric acid salt. An acid salt is created when a dibasic or tribasic acid is partially or completely neutralised by a base.
When phosphoric acid and sodium hydroxide react in a 1:1 molar ratio, $ Na{H_2}P{O_4} $ is produced.
 $ NaOH + {H_3}P{O_4} = Na{H_2}P{O_4} + {H_2}O $
It's an acid salt because the molecule has two more replaceable hydrogen atoms.

Note :
One of the most well-known salts is sodium chloride. Because of its extensive use in everyday life, one salt is familiar to almost all. There are two more categories of salt.
Double salt: Double salts are those that have more than one cation or anion in them. They are made from the crystallisation of two separate salts in the same ionic lattice.
Mixed salt: Mixed salt is a salt that is composed of a fixed proportion of two salts that often share a similar cation or anion.