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Classify the following as a physical change or a chemical change:
Drying of wet clothes.

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Hint: Physical change is the change which can be reversed and does not change the state of the substance. Chemical change is a change which can not be reversed and changes the states of the substance.

Complete answer:
-During drying of wet clothes, the chemical composition of the clothes does not change.
-When clothes are wetted by the water the water does not changes the chemical composition of the clothes.
-When the clothes dry this water gets evaporated.
-Differences between chemical change and physical change are:
Physical changeChemical Change
The chemical composition of the substance does not undergo any change.The chemical composition of the substance undergoes change. The final product has a chemical property different from the initial substance.
It is a temporary changeIt is a permanent change.
It only affects the physical properties of the substance, e.g., Change in shape, change in size etc.It affects both the physical and the chemical properties of the substance.
There is no change in the energy of the substance.Energy might be released or absorbed during a chemical change.
No new substance is formed during a physical change.A new substance is formed during a chemical change.
It is a reversible process.It is an irreversible process.
E.g., Melting of waxE.g., burning of wax

A physical change may or may not be reversible. E.g., tearing of paper is physical change as the chemical composition of the substance remains the same but this process cannot be reversed to get the original state of paper.