Who classified animals according to their habitat (air, water or land)?

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Hint: Aristotle devised the first system of animal taxonomy. He developed his classification method based on animal observations, using morphological traits to split creatures into two categories, five genera per group, and then species within each genus.
He separated animals into three categories: air, sea, and land. The issue with Aristotle's system was that it was not precise. for example: It grouped all flying organisms under one category: Bees, birds, and bats all have a common ancestor.

Complete answer:
Animals were categorised by Aristotle based on their habitat. Aristotle is the first known person to develop the concept of biological classification. All living things are grouped into two classes in his classification system: plants and animals.
Basis of classification:
Aristotle, the Greek philosopher who is generally referred to as the "Father of Biological Classification," initiated the history of biological classification. He described how animals are classified according to their environment, which includes air, water, and land. He was the first to recognise the importance of groups and group names in the study of animals.
Later on, biologists began to classify living species according to their properties. A collection of organisms is similar enough to be categorised as a group based on shared traits. Something's appearance/form and behavior/function are its characteristics. These traits determine which organisms are classified into which groups.

Animals are classified based on their habitat.
1. Terrestrial animals- Terrestrial animals are creatures that dwell on land. They usually stand on four legs. The sensory organs of terrestrial animals are well developed. Tigers, lions, elephants, dogs, cats, and other animals are examples.
2. Aquatic animals- Aquatic animals are those that dwell in or near water. Gills are specific respiratory organs found in many aquatic species, such as fish. Gills are made up of membranes that link to blood vessels. Gills excrete carbon dioxide and take dissolved oxygen from water.
Aerial animals- Aerial animals are creatures that spend the most of their time in the air. Birds are included in this category.